You can judge the spirit of a company by its innovations

Technological progress and the increasing demands for flexibility, reliability and simplicity demand a great deal of any company .

RS technology depends on optimum development work and engineering skill to find the right solutions. As a whole and in detail.

  • Grinding - polishing

    Auto FormatAuto Format
    Productivity, particularly of single part production of rectangular glass, increased many times over to up to 60 work pieces per hour
    rs machines systems max coolingAuto Compensation
    This module allows us to constantly check the current wear of your tools within the process and at the same time compensate in CNC control for divergence from the program
    Auto coolAuto Cool
    The best cooling results by means of automatic adjustment to different tool diameters (e. g. 200 mm, 150 mm and centre). Always cool with the maximum water pressure and quantity exactly where it's needed
    rs machines systems low vibrationHigh-speed grinding
    Excellent balance quality due to the extra rigid, low vibration high-speed spindle for perfect edge quality and long tool life
    rs machines systems max coolingAuto Profile / Auto Dress / Auto Sharp
    Automatic application of the edge contour in question in the polishing tool and its automatic deburring, plus automatic and safe sharpening of diamond tools
  • Cutting - breaking

    >Magnetic clamp for quick tool changesMagnetic spanner for quick tool change
    Precise cutting thanks to absolute centring using adjustable SRH cutting wheel holder. No "Stick-Slip-Effect" by means of own cutting cylinder (DBPa) with integrated quick-change mechanism. High precision. Lasts almost forever – already more than 10 million strokes during continuous use

    IAS technologyIAS Technology
    Fully automatic cutting and breaking out of internal cut-outs