Performance range

RS technology will optimise and integrate for your best results

Our promise of "Customised System Solutions", or CSS in short, offers you individual solutions that are devised to match your special uses, and thus guarantee success. Because our offer consists of more than "just machinery".

Rely on our system technologies and let us combine them for your specialised use. With our modular approach, we offer you easily integrated solutions adapted to your needs, for a broad performance spectrum and therefore maximum use to the customer.

rs machines systems 8-fold loadingMaximum productivity by means of simultaneous loading and unloading
Up to 8 cuts in one step with loading time of just 12 seconds. Optimum flow of material through single, double and quadruple spindle machines and parallel pre-positioning of the glass pieces.


rs machines systems complex shapesHighest complexity
Production of complex shapes due to mastery of the different process steps, even in limit areas


rs machines systems dynflex useHighest flexibility
Retooling with many different options within 5 minutes (from one product to a completely different one)


rs machines systems usage areasVariety in use of work area (""Best use function"")
e.g. 1 pc. in work area = 105 pcs./hr. (up to 1,300 mm x 2,300 mm)
or 8 pcs. in work area = 440 pcs./hr. (up to 300 mm x 150 mm)


rs machines systems variety in shapeVariety in shape and machining technology
with many different glass thicknesses and sizes