Only a simple system can also be simple to master

This system provides clean cooling water and glass processing using a procedure that has been registered for patent. When doing this, it protects the environment using innovative technology.

Because of the new “OPTIflock” procedure which has been registered for patent, the systems are in a position to measure the effect of glass abrasion on the process water. With the aid of these measurements, the metering of the flocculant is optimally adapted to the amount of glass abrasion that is present. This provides an optimum operating point, and over-flocculation and under-flocculation are a thing of the past. Process water is therefore available for the grinding or drilling process that supports the machining process in the best possible way and therefore ensures that the machine is extremely productive.

Continuous checking

Continuous monitoring of the degree of soiling

Automatic metering

Automatic metering of the necessary amount of flocculant material

Case-related addition

Continuous determination of the residual soiling content
Tremendous performance
Tremendous performance
Continuous - with independent way of working
  • Water in circuit for up to 12 months
  • Minimal energy consumption starting at 2 kW/hr.
  • Minimal maintenance effort starting at 1 hr./week
  • Minimal wear
  • Maximum quality during material selection
  • Extremely compact design
System-independent 1
Integrates in your existing production without problems
  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Also for small production facilities
  • Mobile - can also be transported ready for operation (mini)
No chemicals
No polluting chemicals
Physical procedures only
  • Therefore protects the environment
  • No corrosive load for all affected materials
  • Less burden on the employees